Differences between Christianity and Jehovah’s Witnesses

Love Your Neighbor As You Would Yourself
Source: GetVersed.org

Almost everyone would agree that there are big differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and most other Christian religions. Many of those religions believe that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in Jesus. However, you simply need to ask a Jehovah’s Witnesses about their belief in Jesus and you will find out that they consider him the second most important person in the universe. Of course, they consider Jehovah God number one.

The reason why they consider Jehovah supreme over Jesus is because of a simple Bible truth. The Bible declares that Jehovah is the creator and that Jesus is his first creation. In Colossians we see that Jesus was the firstborn of all things created. Logic dictates that you cannot be both the creator and a creation. For this reason, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that only Jehovah is God.

We can easily understand this concept because of our parents. Human beings have an excellent reference point in this regard. A father, who is the creator, creates a child, his creation. The first child that he has is called the first of his creative powers, the firstborn. It is the same with the relationship between Jehovah God, referred to in the Bible as the father, and Jesus, referred to as the son.

Another major difference that Jehovah’s Witnesses have with all other religions is that of warfare. Christian religions do not have any qualms about going to war. In fact many of the more modern-day wars have involved every Christian religion and organization on the earth. You simply need to look at World War I and II as prime examples of this. In fact, during World War II the same religions were fighting against each other. German Catholics, Baptists and Protestants were fighting and killing fellow American Catholics, Baptists and Protestants. It is a well-known fact that the Roman Catholic Church even supported Adolph Hitler and his regime.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, on the other hand, were thrown into concentration camps during World War II, along with their fellow Jews. The reason, for simply refusing to kill their fellow man. Adolph Hitler hated Jehovah’s Witnesses because they would not bow down or obey him. An interesting point from World War II is that Jehovah’s Witnesses could have been freed from the suffering of being a prisoner in a German concentration camps by simply signing a paper. The paper stated that they would renounce their religion. Only a very few ever signed that paper.

The reason why Jehovah’s Witnesses would rather go to prison or even die rather than killing their fellow man is simple. Jesus gave two key commandments. These two key commandments if followed would solve all of the world’s problems. The first commandment says that you need to love Jehovah God with all your heart, soul, and mind. The second commandment, likewise, states that you need to love your fellow man as you do yourself. It would be quite difficult to love your fellow man as yourself if you are pointing a gun at his head and preparing to shoot him.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are proactive when it comes to mankind’s salvation. They obey Jesus’ commandment to preach from house to house and make disciples from people of all nations. They proclaim the Kingdom of God as mankind’s only hope. A future government with Jesus Christ as King and his anointed followers as co-rulers. For this reason they do not get involved in political affairs. They have already made their choice for which government they will vote for. This is another major difference between Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Christian religions.

Learn more about Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs in Jesus, Michael the Archangel, the trinity, and about their belief in the 144,000 elect in Revelation here: http://getversed.org/jehovahs-witness/

How To Make Sure That God Gets The Glory

How To Make Sure That God Gets The Glory

As people who are trying to please and glorify God in what we do for Christ’s sake, it’s very easy for us to get caught up in the trap of putting ourselves before God in the sense of drawing attention to ourselves. In many cases, we’re doing things for God while our whole intent is based on trying to impress others with our performance. The truth is that God is completely taken out of the picture with this kind of mindset since it becomes all about us trying to get people’s attention.

In all honesty, it’s something that I’m guilty of and struggling with as someone who’s playing piano in my church. In many instances, I’ve found myself completely disconnected with God due to the fact that my mind and heart are not set on Him. Instead, I’ve found myself much more concerned about how my performance will be perceived by others. When service is over, I’m expecting some people to come and congratulate me. Nevertheless, one thing that I’ve learned is that glorifying God has nothing to do with being concerned about how others will react in response to what I’ve done for God, it’s based entirely on how God sees me in the light of which priority that I give Him.

The bottom line is that we’ll never be able to satisfy everyone no matter how hard we may try. Our objective should be aimed at making sure that God is the One who gets pleased and glorified by setting both our minds and hearts on Him, then after that God will use our performance and make it become a blessing to others. Let’s take a look at Jesus own perspective with respect to glorifying God.

Jesus replied, “If I glorify Myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the One who glorifies Me (John 8:54).

Glorifying God is based solely on humility. In other words, it’s based on us taking ourselves out of the way by allowing God to have His ways in us. We are God’s instrument; therefore, our job is to allow God to use us however He sees fit for His own glory. When we do that, it becomes all about what God can do through us instead of us doing things within our own human ability for the sake of impressing people. See having faith in God.